Nanolex Ceramic Coatings

Nanolex is a German manufacturer of car care products, all of which are designed, tested and produced in Germany to their exacting and precise standards. Employing nanotechnology, Nanolex has engineered hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for paint, alloys, trim and glass.

As an accredited Nanolex Detailer, I have access to the detailer approved Si3D HD coating.

I can also provide the highly durable Nanolex Si3D Max coating, which provides outstanding hydrophobic abilities.

In addition to protective coatings, Nanolex manufactures a range of non-contact maintenance products designed to thoroughly decontaminate and clean hard-working vehicles, reducing the chances of incurring swirls and scratches during the washing stage. Their selection of post-wash maintenance products are designed to perfectly compliment nano-ceramic coatings, enhancing shine and boosting longevity, delivering a complete range that satisfies the requirements of both professional detailers and the car care enthusiast.

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