At Ultimate Detail, we have a duty to protect your privacy and all personal data that is collected during your interaction with our website. Please ensure that you keep up to date with the information on this page, as it is subject to change in accordance with new legislation and directives.

This Privacy Policy will explain what data we collect from you, how we use that data, who can see your data and how you can access/change the personal data we hold.

Who Are We?


Ultimate Detail is a sole trader. We have a sister company, Ultimate Valet & Ultimate Aero Valet, who deal in high end valeting and aircraft valeting.

Ultimate Detail complies with the following legislation:

UK Data Protection Act (1988)

EU Data Protection Directive (1995)

EU General Data Protection Regulation (2018)

What Information Do We Collect From You?

Ultimate Detail may ask you to input and collect the following information during the browsing and contacting process on this website: Customer Name, Location Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address.

When you pay for services, this is not held by Ultimate Valet, but collected by our Third Party payment processors (iZettle) in a secure manner (see Who Can See Your Information?).

How Is Your Information Used?

Ultimate Detail may use your information to:

Process a payment;

Process an order;

Contact you if you have won a competition;

Notify you of any important changes to our services;

Send you communications that you have opted into (e.g. email newsletters or job applications).

We may use the data that we collect from you to create profiles and demographic groups of our customers, which we use to help us to target our information and marketing materials to those who we believe it is relevant to. We may use additional information that we gather from external sources, such as Google and Facebook, when it is available to help us do this even more effectively (see Cookies).

Who Can See Your Information?

Ultimate Detail will not sell or rent your information to Third Parties for marketing purposes.

We may pass your information to these Third Party service providers for the purpose of providing services to your behalf. Examples include sending emails, processing payments and targeted advertisements on social media. The information shared will be that which is only relevant to the task at hand. Third Parties cannot use or share your information for any other purpose than to carry out what Ultimate Valet has requested them to do and are required to keep your data secure. Please see below for a list of our Third Party partners, a brief rundown of the services they provide and links to their own privacy policies.

Third Parties who work on behalf of, or in association with, Ultimate Detail:


Online Accounting Software

Privacy Policy


Payment processor

Privacy policy



User profiling

Privacy policy



User profiling

Privacy policy

How Can You Update Your Information?

You can update your personal information by contacting Ultimate Detail, by telephone (07917 800806) or via e-mail, to request an update to your personal information that we can carry out for you.

Recording Information

Please note that telephone calls made to Ultimate Detail are NOT recorded. Emails and other messages sent through our social media accounts are archived and can be referred to in order to resolve any issues (if any) that may arise during your booking request.

Sales invoices may need to be kept for up to 7 years in order for Ultimate Detail to retrospectively provide tax information to HMRC (please see Right To Erasure).

Our Security Precautions

This website does have a security certificate which means that your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this site. We currently do NOT take credit or debit card numbers through the site.


Cookies are tiny text files in your browser that can be sent from an organisations website and saved onto your computer when you visit a website for the first time. These text files typically contain two pieces of information: a unique user ID and the site name. Each time you visit a website that holds cookies, your computer checks its system to see if it has cookies from that website already saved, therefore recognising if you have visited the website before.

Ultimate Detail does NOT use cookies to track user visits, therefore analysing data such as the numbers of returning customers, customer location (by country or region) and recording how long customers stay on our website. Cookies DO NOT identify you as an individual, but simply track your browsing patterns which helps us to target our advertisements more accurately to our customers.

The viewing of the website and browsing of the website automatically requires you to accept our Cookies policy. When you enter into a transaction with the company you automatically accept the trading terms and conditions as enclosed. You have the option within your browser to disable cookies, which you can do by following the specific browser instructions.

Requesting A Copy Of Your Personal Data


You have a right to ask Ultimate Detail for a copy of all the personal data that we hold about you,

even if you do not wish to change it.

You can request this information by contacting us via email or telephone, where you will be asked to fill in our Data Request Form and return it to us. You will also be asked to provide us with a copy of your preferred proof of identification (birth certificate/driving license) before we can release the sensitive information to you.

Right To Erasure

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2018, you have the right to request that Ultimate Detail erases all personal data that we hold on you with immediate effect. In some cases, Ultimate Detail may have to retain certain vital information if we can prove that your data is needed to carry out other vital business processes, for example, filing tax returns (where we will need to retain sales invoices).

Links To Other Websites

This website may contain links to external organisations. Please be aware that by clicking a link to an external source, our privacy policy no longer applies whilst you are on that new site. We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies that our linked websites adhere to and recommend that you read the policy of that site to keep yourself informed.

Data Breaches

Ultimate Detail has a duty to report any breach of personal data from our database or our Third Party databases to all relevant people and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if it is apparent that personal data has been stolen or misused, within 72 hours of the incident.

Transfer Of Data Outside The EU

None of your personal data will be transferred outside of the EU.

Policy Review

Ultimate Detail will keep this policy up to date in accordance with the law and new regulations. This policy was last updated in December 2021.

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