Single stage machine polishing detail Cambridgeshire

The Single Stage Enhancement Detail is a very popular entry level detail, where you will really notice the visual difference. Providing advantages to almost any car, the Single Stage Enhancement Detail will significantly improve the appearance of your car, by removing the majority of top surface cobb-webbing and swirl marks, without the time and cost associated in the Ultimate-Detail.

This is popular for both new vehicles and older vehicles, resulting in an enhanced appearance, and helping to present a vehicle in its best light for sale.

Single Stage Detail

  • Multi stage detailed wash process using 2 bucket method

  • 3 stage clay and chemical paintwork decontamination

  • Single stage paint correction process to remove swirls & defects

  • Durable spray sealant

  • Wheel sealant coating

  • Rain repellant applied to all glass


Small - £400.00

Medium - £450.00

Large - £550.00


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