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Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection for Cambridgeshire

Ceramic coatings are expensive, there's no getting away from that. So the question has to be asked, are they worth the money?

For many people, yes they are. If you are buying the car and going to keep your car for three or more years, it can be a great investment.

When you eventually sell the car, how much you get for it will depend on the cosmetic appearance. A car that looks tatty, is dull and scratched is far less desirable than one which looks practically new. The difference in resale value will cover the cost of a ceramic coating, it will literally pay you back.

Alternatively, you may well decide that your car still looks so good that you will keep it a few more years, saving yourself the cost of devaluation on a new car. You may even decide that your current car is going to be your last car, and you will keep it for good. I know many cars can be mechanically reliable for decades with minimal maintenance, paint protection with a quality ceramic coating will also make if far easier to maintain the outside.

In addition to this, you have the added benefits of easier maintenance, the whole time you have the car. You will have to wash it less frequently, and washing will be far easier.

If you're reading this, I can assume you care about your car, you like that new car feeling, and that's what a ceramic coating offers. Your car will be clean and shiny, the entire time you own it.

Ultimate Detail stock a range of ceramic paint protection coatings, something for everyone.

Get in touch and tell us about your needs, I'm here to help.

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