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Soft Top Cabriolet Roof Detail

Cabriolet Roof Detail

Convertible soft tops will require special attention to maintain the original looks and waterproofing. Although the cost to replace the soft top can cost several hundreds of pounds, regular care and maintenance is all that is required to maintain that new look.

You can see when it's time to re-waterproof the fabric top. Simply pour some water onto the fabric roof. If it beads and runs away, it's OK. If however, the water soaks in and disappears, it's time to re-clean and re-waterproof. You should never use a cleaner or reviver without re-waterproofing.

  • Roof is thoroughly hoovered to remove loose debris
  • Roof Pre-soaked using PH neutral gentle cleaner
  • Cleaned using various hand tools giving attention to seams & edges
  • Repeatedly cleaned until the water runs clear and roof is clean
  • Roof dried using extraction
  • Water-proofer applied to roof
  • Roof re-coloured if required at extra cost as quoted