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About Ultimate Detail, Luxury Detailing

Vehicle cleaning has become a chore and more and more people are using automated and hand car wash services more than ever before. But did you know that these services are extremely harmful to your car's paintwork and even worse; you are paying for the privilege. And that is where Ultimate-Detail comes to your aid.

So what is a detailer you ask? To keep it simple, a detailer is a step up from a valeter; a paint correction expert who will correct defects which hinder your car's paintwork caused through poor wash technique, wear and tear. A detailer will negate swirl marks, light scratches, holograms, oxidation as well as embedded contaminants such as hard rain, tar spots, tree sap, bug splatter, bird stains and industrial pollution fallout which would only otherwise be achieved through a costly paint respray.

Ultimate-Detail is able to correct paint defects with the aid of an extensive range of polishes and machine polishers and then pamper your car with the best finishing glazes, cleansers, sealants and waxes to give an incredible deep shine with in-built protection from the elements. Ultimate-Detail will then work its magic on the remaining car exterior such as tailpipes, alloys, tyres and glass. The result is a car that will look close to or better than when it first appeared in the car showroom.

I also offer a completely mobile service if required, fully insured, carrying my own water and electricity supplies. Based in Cambridge, I am located within easy reach of Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk but am happy to travel anywhere in the UK to meet my clients’ requirements. Certain details do require work to be carried out indoors and this can be discussed when you contact me.

When you contact me, your detail will be discussed and planned so that I can produce the best possible results. You will receive a full proposal via email so that you know exactly what work will be carried out on the day. In addition, once completed I will advise you of the best ways to keep your car looking stunning with minimal work required.

Ultimate-Detail will maximise the residual value of your vehicle by keeping it in a condition that will differentiate it from similar age and specification cars. Pricing is not easy to define with this type of bespoke service and the high cost of the finishing materials used. However Ultimate-Detail can give you some idea of costs for the details as described on each service.

Ultimate-Detail is completely impartial and does not endorse or recommend any individual product or brand. We will only use the best products suited to your detail and vehicle for that ultimate detail finish.

Stuart Murrells

Owner & Detailer