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Matte Vinyl Wrap/Satin Wrap Care Care

Matte Wrap/Satin Vinyl Wrap / Matte Frozen Paint Care

So you have a BMW or Mini "frozen paint finish" , Mercedes Magno Matt Paint or you’ve had your car matte wrapped with vinyl and it looks all new and pristine. But how do you clean and protect a matte wrapped car or BMW frozen paint, and keep your new look pride and joy clean? Ultimate Detail have the correct products to use on your vehicle's bodywork.

  • Vehicle Rinsed
  • Alloys Wheels Cleaned
  • Vehicle shampooed & washed
  • Dried with ultra deep plush drying towel
  • Exterior paintwork waxed and sealed using SPECIFIC safe products
  • Tyres dressed for that showroom finish
  • Clean all exterior glass using Autoglym Window Clean or Autoglym Glass Cleaner