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Ultimate Detail, Loyalty Scheme

If you like to maintain your car to the highest possible standard but have little time to spend detailing it yourself or the technical know-how then the Ultimate Detail loyalty scheme is what you're looking for. This scheme will reward you for re-booking with Ultimate Detail on a regular basis with lower prices designed to make long-term professional care more cost effective. Regular top ups will not only keep your car looking good throughout the year, but will also ensure that your treasured vehicle retains as much residual value as possible.

The Ultimate Detail loyalty scheme replaces the need for a formal maintenance plan, which is too regimental, and offers fully bespoke terms. Being bespoke is vitally important, because in my experience every car is different in terms of their care requirements. To make using the scheme as simple as possible, all I ask is that you plan your detail schedule using the following detailing services.

  • To take advantage of the loyalty scheme, you must first book your vehicle in to receive one of my detailing treatments. After this initial treatment is completed, you will be permitted access to the loyalty pricing shown above for the next eight months. If you book your car in for a further treatment from the above list within the eight month period, the clock will be reset for a further eight months, and so on, on a continuous basis. The only requirement is that whatever vehicle you have detailed must have received at least a Protection Detail within the last eight months to ensure that a minimum overall standard of condition is maintained.